The fundamental aspects and potential applications of skyrmions

Tuesday, 8 September, room F3213 (Budafoki street 8, building F, staircase 1, second floor)
chair: Prof. István Kézsmárki

9:00 Dr. Ulrich K. Roessler:
Fundamental aspects of skyrmions in condensed matter systems

Coffee break

10:35 Dr. Jonas Kindervater:
Small angle neutron scattering study of skyrmion crystals

Lunch break

13:00 Prof. Achim Rosch:
Dynamics of skyrmions

Coffee break

14:35 Prof. Roland Wiesendanger:
Nano-scale Skyrmions in Ultrathin Transition Metal Films and Multilayers: From Fundamentals to Potential Applications

Coffee break

16:10 Dr. Nicolas Reyren:
Metallic multilayers with strong Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interaction to stabilize small individual skyrmions at room temperature

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