Practical information


  • Arrival
    • From the airport
      • by public transport to the center using bus no. 200E and metro line 3 (blue line)
      • by taxi the cost should be approx. 22 EUR
    • By train
      • Due to the current refugee situation there are temporarily no direct trains between Budapest and Western Europe. This means you have to change trains at the first Hungarian stop (Hegyeshalom or Szob). Your international ticket to Budapest remains valid for the local Hungarian train from the first Hungarian stop to Budapest. Unfortunately you should expect some delay.
        direct train connections are operating again
      • we strongly recommend taking off at Kelenföld Train Station (instead of arriving at the final station of Keleti Pályaudvar) and reaching the city center by metro line 4 (green line)
  • Public transport in Budapest
    • tickets and passes can be purchased at the airport Terminal 2A arrival level (the icon next to the information icon) or at any metro station
    • available ticket and pass combinations are listed here
    • the best solution is probably to buy a Budapest 7-day travelcard or a block of 10 tickets if your accommodation is in walking distance/single route to the University
    • official, online journey planner here or Google maps
    • if you have a pass valid longer than 24 hours, on weekdays you are free to use the ships D11, D12, D13 and D14 on the river Danube operated by the public transport company (BKV or BKK).

Money issues

  • Hungary has its own currency, Hungarian Forint (HUF). 1 EUR ~ 315 HUF
  • Paying by credit card is possible almost everywhere including the University canteen, however bring some cash just in case
  • There are several money change offices close to the University at Móricz Square
  • Accommodation, dining and other activities need to be financed individually
  • A few prices for orientation:
    •  Lunch at the canteen: 2.5-4 EUR
    • Conference dinner: ~ 10-15 EUR
    • Beer/Spritzer: ~ 1.5-2 EUR
    • Entrance tickets: ~5-10 EUR (e.g. Parlament, Museums, Thermal Baths)
    • Danube excursion: ~ 20-25 EUR (train ticket, canoe rental, lunch)
  • Bring your ISIC student card if you have one, it is accepted at some places

Leisure Activites

  • Sunday, 19:00-23:00 Welcome beer party at Szatyor Bar close to the university
  • Monday, 19:00-23:00 Conference Dinner at Kaltenberg Restaurant close to the metro station Corvin negyed
  • Wednesday, 18:00-21:00 ‘Alternative Sightseeing‘ – bring comfortable shoes and fun :-)
  • Thursday, 13:30 – … More conventional sightseeing
    • the purchase of a few entry tickets might be necessary; all in the order of 5-10 EUR’s
  • Friday, Danube Excursion
    •  some canoeing is on the menu, bring comfortable clothes, swimsuit, a towel, raincoat/waterproof jacket and another portion of fun

 Other, individual programmes for your consideration


  • It is possible to print your poster in approx. half an hour at one of the printer saloons next to the University (for example CopyGuru, ~ 15 EUR)

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