Scientific programme at the Department of Experimental Physics V (University of Augsburg, Building Physics South, Room 288S):

Monday, 21st of July

9:20 Opening by Prof. Alois Loidl
9:40 Dr. István Kézsmárki
Survey about current research topics at the Institute of Physics of Budapest University of Technology and Economics
First session (Joachim Deisenhofer) Solid state spectroscopy 1
10:00 Dr. Sándor Bordács
Landau level spectroscopy in a Rashba spin split semiconductor
10:30 Zhe Wang
Spin-phonon interactions in quantum spin dimer systems Ba3Cr2O8 and Sr3Cr2O8
11:00 Vilmos Kocsis
Broadband magneto-optical spectroscopy on spinel chromites ACr2O4 (A= Fe, Co)
11:30 Michael Schmidt
Low-energy spectroscopy on alpha-CaCr2O4

Lunch break

Second session (Phillip Gegenwart) Nanophysics 1
13:30 Endre Tóvári
Ballistic charge transport in suspended graphene
14:00 Scherübl Zoltán
Probing individual split Cooper pairs using the spin qubit toolkit
14:30 Szabolcs Vajna
Dynamical phase transitions

Coffee break

Third session (Hubert Krenner) Nanophysics 2
15:15 Zoltán Balogh
Study of molecular junctions with statistical analysis
15:45 Ágnes Gubicza
Switching characteristics of nanometer-scale memristors
16:15 László Pósa
High-yield fabrication of nm-size gaps in monolayer cvd graphene

Tuesday, 22nd of July

Fourth session (Hans-Albrecht Krug von Nidda) Solid state spectroscopy 2
9:00 Dávid Szaller
Directional dichroism in the spin-wave excitations of multiferroic Ni3TeO6
9:30 Dieter Ehlers
Electron Spin Resonance Study of the Molecular Magnet GaV4S8
10:00 Martina Schädler
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in Ba2CoGe2O7

Coffee break

Fifth session ( Wolfgang Krätschmer) Solid state spectroscopy 3
10:45 Dr. Wolfgang Krätschmer
An unconventional NMR Study in a Quantum Magnet
11:15 Dr. Stefan Riegg
Substitution effects in Ruthenates
11:45 Prof. Alois Loidl
THz excitation and quantum criticality in the spin-orbital liquid phase of FeSc2S4

Lunch break

Sixth session (István Kézsmárki) Biophysics 1
14:00 Sebastian Emmert
Terahertz spectroscopy on amino acids
14:30 Ágnes Orbán
Evaluation of a novel magneto-optical method for the detection of malaria parasites
15:00 Dr. Vasily Artemov
Proton dynamics of water: broadband spectroscopy study

Coffee break

Seventh session (Miklós Csontos) Biophysics 2
15:45 Ádám Butykai
Calibration of Optical Tweezers for Non-Spherical Objects
16:15 Dr. Martin Wolf
The dynamics of protein hydration shells

The most honest talk/poster of the workshop will be awarded the Grandmaster Prize.

Wednesday, 23rd of July

Laboratory visits

Thursdsay, 24th of July

Visit in the Garching Neutron Facility

Friday, 25th of July – Monday, 28th of July

Poster session in Füssen
Dr. Miklós Csontos
High mobility graphen nanodevices on SiNx substrates
Katalin Bordácsné Bocz
Raman spectroscopic characterisation of reinforcing fibres of self-reinforced polypropylene composites
Bálint Fülöp
Electrical Tuning of Spin-orbit Interaction in III/V Nanowires
András Magyarkuti
Development of a low temperature STM-AFM system
Péter Balla
The Strange World of S>1/2

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