Scientific program at the Department of Physics (Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Building F, Entrance I., Floor I., Schay room):

Dielectrics (chair: Dr. Szabolcs Csonka)
9:00 Thomas Bauer (University of Augsburg)
Heterogeneity and cooperativity in glassy dynamics investigated by nonlinear dielectric spectroscopy
9:30 Sebastian Emmert (University of Augsburg)
Relaxing water
10:00 Pit Sippel (University of Augsburg)
Ionic liquids for future energy storage applications – A dielectric study
10:30 Daniel Reuter (University of Augsburg)
Importance of rotational dynamics for dc-conductivity in ionic liquids

Coffee break

NanoPhysics 2 (chair: Dr. Titusz Fehér)
11:30 Gergő Fülöp (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
InAs nanowire based Cooper pair splitter
12:00 Zoltán Scherübl (Budapest University of Technology and Economics)
Electrical tuning of spin-orbit interaction in InAs nanowires

Budapest Sightseeing

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